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Who We Are ?

Vectornate is a market leader for the manufacture and distribution of water filters and related appliances, air filtration products and vector control products.

Founded in South Korea in 1991, our company strives to ceaselessly develop technologies in water quality control, public hygiene, electrical appliances and pest control equipment.

Our Mission

  • To supply products that eliminate harmful effects for humans
  • To achieve great efficiencies with small communications, medium infrastructure and a big vision
  • To supply products that eliminate harmful effects for humans

Made in Korea

Our products are developed and manufactured in Korea

State of the Art

R&D hubs in both Korea and U.S.A.

Ship worldwide

Your choice of delivery options, to your doorstep

Global presence

Vectornate means ‘vector’ from ‘vector control’ and ‘nate’ from ‘terminate’ so we’re targeting industries which requires filtering harmful contaminants, bacteria, virus and even insects.

Having presence at three different continents (US, UK and Korea), our company tries to understand the demand of our clients from diverse perspective but stay in touch with them closely.
  • We are a proud Inc 5000 company
  • Made in Korea, NSF/ ANSI42 certified, and owner of one of the largest facilities producing compressed activated carbon filters in the world
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Client 1
“I met them at the US exhibition for the equipment to be used for agricultural disinfection and pest control and since them our business grew with them and we’re very happy with their punctuality and service. ”

- Enrico. Director, New Pharm