Why water filter is so important ?

Have you realized you are drinking contaminated water every day?
People drink unfiltered water from a tap, refrigerator, and water dispenser with no doubt. Water can be one of the most easily neglected, but important things to be considered for our healthy life.

Our water filters are strictly tested under the global standards of water filtration and proved its functionality as NSF, WQA, and ISO certified products.

Why Vectornate filters are specical ?

We provide a wide range of water filter products including refrigerator filter, universal inline filter, not just limited to whole house filter.

Made from the highest quality coconut activated carbon, our filters are mixed, synthesized and compressed using patented Celanese advanced resin. 

Our water filters are ready for comprehensive health care to our customers.

Refrigerator Filter

Do you know refrigerator filters should be checked and replaced periodically? Try Vectornate refrigerator filters.

Advanced Carbon

Pioneers of trademarked technology for compressed carbon block filters

Universal inline filter

Are you thinking which one to buy for your filter? We can help you with our universal inline filter.