Water Filter

Why the water filter is so important?
Have you realized you are drinking contaminated water every day? People drink unfiltered water from a tap, refrigerator, and water dispenser with no doubt. Water can be one of the most easily neglected, but important things to be considered for our healthy life.

Medical Equipment

VM-100 is our automated slide staining machine.
Improve your accuracy and save time.

PRS100, our innovative Dental LED light, reflected your needs.
Your health is our concern.

Appliance Parts

Are you looking for home appliance parts for refrigerator, humidifier, microwave, oven, coffee machine, baking mat, micro vacuum, etc.?
Vectornate offers a wide variety of home appliance parts and supplies, besides water and air filters.

Pest Control

Are you struggling with pests like bed bugs, insects, arthropods, and others? Vectorfog offers you perfect solutions for pest control.
We have a wide range of pest control equipment such as ULV fogger (cold fogger), thermal fogger, trap & bait station, and others including safety equipment.


As one of an international trading company, Vectornate has reached a broad range of customers around the world with global distribution hubs in the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.
We provide a diverse range of trading products.

Government Contract

Vectornate has recently ventured into the public market with quality products including but not limited to our own vector products.
With the right supply chain partner and the right logistics strategy, we have successfully procured fertilizers, pesticides, protective gears, etc.